Stunning Ocean View Blue House in Vieques Island.

Vieques island is a perfect place to Relax. We have Cars Avaliable for your stay, Bio Bay Tours, Ferry Tickets, ask us about it please.


1 . Whole House with 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms = 23$ per person / night if you are 26 = $600 / night


2.Upstairs with 4 bedroom and 3 bathrooms = $26 per person / night if you are 12 people = $315 / night   

2.1 Add EXTRA ROOM UPSTAIRS – 5 Bedroom and 4 bathroom = $399 UP to 16 people



Select start and end dates:


3. Downstairs with 2 bedroom and 2 bathrooms = $23 per person / night if you are 10 people = $230 / night.



Vieques Ocean View Blue House 2br, 2bth – Downstairs =(23$ per person if you are 10 people)


** Beach items free – Chairs, Beach Cooler ** Ping Pong Table Provided and Billar.

*Cleaning fee $120 for option 1 (whole house) , $70 for option 2 (Upstairs) $50 for option 3 (Downstairs).

And Other taxes may apply (9%)

Rooms Distribution:


Room 1- 1 double bed and 2 twin beds – bath inside bedroom.

Room 2 – 1 Queen bed

Room 3 – 1 Queen bed.

(Room 2 and 3 have one bathroom outside between the 2 bedrooms.)

Room 4 – 1 Queen bed and 2 twin beds – bath inside the bedroom.

Extra room 5 – 2 Queen beds – bath inside the bedroom (Little apartment)


Room 6 – 2 queen beds &2 twin beds – bath insisde the room

Room 7 = 1 queen bed & 2 twin beds & bath inside the room

Big Outside area with a Ping Pong table and billar.

***If you book only downstairs and other guest book upstairs , you wont have access to Billar and Ping pong

IMPORTANT : You MUST turn Off the air conditioning and lights when you are outside please. Enjoy Vieques Island and be considerated.

Towels and sheets and everything you need is included.Transportation from San Juan to Fajardo Ferry can be arranged as per request. Also we can buy for you the ferry tickets from Fajardo to Vieques Island, thus, you don’t have to do the big line for get tickets.

It is Highly recommended to have a car in Vieques Island in order to explore the beaches! we can help you with that, just tell me how may people you are. Cars avaliable.


Cancellation Policy: We do not Refund Any deposit. You can change the dates free of cost within 3 months after your reservation. Dates like Holly Week, Labor day , thanks giving , Chrystmas… do not apply.


The Most Magical Island in the Caribbean…

Vieques island is one of the offshore island municipalities of Puerto Rico,just 7 miles off the east coast.Vieques is home to Mosquito Bay, the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world and the most undeveloped beaches in the Caribbean.

Vieques islandVieques island ferry tickets


This small Puerto Rican treasure is home to the largest natural wildlife refuge in the Caribbean, covering 3,100 acres of green lush land.  In Vieques there are no traffic lights, just narrow roads leading to breathtaking places, a charming colorful town, and naturally landscaped beaches free of development.

The island of Vieques is no ordinary Caribbean destination,  it’s a unique place with the added enchantment of elegant Paso Fino horses roaming free.  Vieques Island is one of the last destinations that truly remains like the Caribbean of the past; quiet, lush, uncrowded, with unmatched natural beauty.

Be prepared, once you get here, experience the allure of it’s beaches, you’ll be spoiled for life.

Explora las bellas playas de Isla de Vieques, Puerto Rico (Vieques island)

If you’re searching for a unique vacation, one that brings on feelings of wonder, relaxation, one that connects you back with nature, then Vieques is for you.  Beach and nature lovers will get lost in the beauty and magic of the island like no other place in the Caribbean.