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Here you have information about Taxy and Car Rentals in Vieques. Sometimes of the year is difficult to get a car (there are more visitors than cars) so be sure you try to do your reservation in advance, you need a car in Vieques. The main mistake of visitors in Vieques is when they think they do not need a car. YES YOU NEED A CAR! the best beaches are on the old marine base , and you need a car to go to CARACAS BEACH, LA CHIVA BEACH, MEDIA LUNA BEACH…ETC…ETC

Vieques Car Rentals

Vieques Taxy

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Bioluminescent Bay Vieques – BOOK HERE CLIK ON PICTURE

Most visitors are attracted to the island of Vieques for its gorgeous beaches, but beyond the shore there’s more.  Experience one of the greatest treasures of Puerto Rico, the world-class bioluminescent bay under a starry sky Remember that we have guides with all LICENSES. Clic here for more information.