Does Roadside Assistance Cover Rental Cars?

Does Roadside Assistance Cover Rental Cars?

Many auto insurers provide roadside assistance coverage as an add-on policy feature, generally covering vehicles owned by policyholders and rental cars.

Roadside assistance services offer jump starts, flat tire changes, and fuel delivery; however, they don’t cover everything. Here are a few questions to ask when considering purchasing roadside assistance coverage:

Does it cover towing?

Most roadside assistance plans provide services like towing, spare tire installation, jumpstarts (for dead batteries), and fuel delivery. Some programs may impose mileage limitations or are unavailable on unpaved roads; others only cover limited times per year or require driving your car directly to a service provider or mechanic to use their services.

Roadside assistance services are included with nearly all car rental companies and sharing services but may incur an extra fee. You can purchase coverage directly through a credit card company or yourself; the latter typically offer more comprehensive plans with unlimited mileage coverage.

AAA and other providers provide roadside assistance plans as an ideal way to provide coverage in any car – even rentals – at a much more reasonable cost than car insurance premiums, providing benefits such as emergency towing, roadside repair services, battery replacement or key replacement, and fuel delivery services.

Geico offers roadside assistance plans starting at $14 annually to cover any car you drive, including rental vehicles. Other insurers like Liberty Mutual provide standalone roadside assistance policies that are not part of their standard car coverage package.

Does it cover fuel delivery?

Roadside assistance plans often don’t cover the costs associated with fuel itself or other vital fluids like coolant or brake fluid; should your vehicle run low on either of these supplies, roadside assistance services may ask that you pull over and stop driving immediately.

Most rental car companies provide essential roadside assistance as part of their packages, so it is wise to read your contract thoroughly before calling a personal roadside service or auto insurance provider for roadside assistance. Doing this may prevent additional fees and jeopardize optional coverage agreements in your agreement.

Without rental car companies, you can also receive roadside assistance through standalone policies, credit card companies, and non-automotive organizations like AT&T, Verizon, or AARP.

Their roadside assistance services may include towing, flat tire changes, jump starts, locksmithing services, and dead battery jumps, while some operate 24/7 or by appointment. In either case, their fees are significantly less than what rental car providers charge you.

Does it cover lockouts?

Roadside assistance can be an invaluable lifeline. It could save you from renting a car when your son’s soccer team needs to travel 50 miles for a tournament or when your wife’s full-size SUV has been involved in an accident with another vehicle, and could even prevent incurring costly fees like those associated with dead batteries and flat tires.

Most auto insurers offer roadside assistance plans, which cover vehicles owned by family or friends and yours. You should check with your provider to learn what types of coverage are available and their costs to add them on.

An essential roadside assistance plan typically offers services like towing, jump-starting, fuel delivery*, and vehicle lockout assistance. In addition, interruption coverage includes lodging and meals should your breakdown occur while away from home.

Roadside assistance plans can be purchased through your auto insurer, an independent plan like AAA, or a reliable telematics program like Telmate. Rental car companies sometimes offer roadside assistance programs that may be cheaper than an annual membership; some do not even count as an insurance claim and won’t affect your policy rating!

Does it cover dead batteries?

A dead battery is one of the main reasons you might require roadside assistance. Your roadside assistance service provider should send someone equipped with jumper cables to you immediately to jumpstart it. Sometimes, they even provide full battery replacement service at an additional fee.

Roadside assistance services typically offer other emergency car care services, including fuel delivery (up to one gallon) and flat tire service. If you accidentally lock your keys in your vehicle, they can send a locksmith to open it for you. 

Some plans even provide rental car programs, which could come in handy should an accident leave your car needing extensive repair.

Roadside assistance plans can be invaluable, but taking proactive steps to prevent accidents from happening can be even better. Scheduling regular maintenance checks on your car’s fluid levels is the key to keeping it in top shape.

Dead batteries and other car issues that could leave you stranded shouldn’t happen! Consider which roadside assistance plan would best fit your needs and what it covers.


In conclusion, the coverage of roadside assistance for rental cars varies depending on your insurance policy, rental agreement, or any additional roadside assistance memberships you may have. 

Understanding the coverage details is essential to ensure you’re prepared for unexpected events during your rental period. Explore our guide to make informed decisions and travel with peace of mind.


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