How to Find the Cheapest Car Rental Company For Under 25

How to Find the Cheapest Car Rental Company For Under 25

Renting a car under 25 can be difficult, but not impossible. Some companies even offer special deals that eliminate under-25 fees, and you could save even further by using credit cards with coverage for rental cars.

Avis provides car rentals to customers aged 21-24; however, they must pay an additional “Young Driver Fee” and do not qualify for specialty vehicles such as minivans or full-size SUVs.

Let us discuss How to Find the Cheapest Car Rental Company For Under 25.


The budget has been catering to budget-minded renters since 1958 and provides competitive rates with helpful add-ons at reasonable rates. As part of the Avis Budget Group, Budget serves customers in 120 countries worldwide while boasting an expansive rewards program. However, Budget’s cancellation policy may be less flexible than some competitors, with a $50 fee on pay-now reservations and a 48-hour cancellation window.

Budget allows younger drivers with an additional driver fee of $27 per day to rent vehicles from them; this fee is comparable with Hertz and Avis fees but may be cheaper in New York or Michigan.

Budget has more than 1,900 locations nationwide, from airports to neighborhoods, offering its fast reservation system allowing travelers to secure a vehicle within 60 seconds. They also provide one-way rentals as well as business rental packages.

Prepaid fuel and electronic toll collection from this company can save money when renting a car, while an optional Loss Damage Waiver (LDW), which reduces costs up to $1000, is available at select locations; to get the cheapest rates possible, it’s best to book through an online travel agent.


Avis offers various car rental deals and packages, including insurance options and extras that you can customize according to your needs and Budget. Once your reservation is complete, payment may be completed online or at the counter; either way, Avis will place a hold on your bank account for both the total rental cost and security deposit; once returned, this hold will be released.

Avis’ Miles, Points & Partners program allows you to earn Avios through multiple airline and hotel loyalty programs and Avis Preferred Points, making this an excellent way to save money when renting cars!

Avis does not waive its under-25 fee in all locations; in certain states such as New York, Michigan, and Maryland, it still applies; therefore, it might be more cost-efficient to rent from another company that doesn’t charge this charge.

Another option for protecting rental car costs can be using a credit card with primary rental car coverage, like Chase Sapphire Preferred or Reserve cards from Chase. This may prove much less costly than purchasing standalone rental car policies.


Hertz offers several rental car options explicitly tailored to drivers under 25. With convenient locations and a good selection of cars available for rental, Hertz also provides discounts and loyalty programs tailored specifically for these young drivers. When paying with a credit card, you can avoid an under-25 fee altogether, and Hertz provides a free loss damage waiver on rentals charged to it.

Hertz offers renters under 25 an affordable option to access most vehicles, excluding exotics from Prestige, Dream, and Adrenaline collections, at an economical youthful driver fee of $19 per day (cheaper than other competitors’ charges). Furthermore, Hertz allows young drivers to use their points towards free rentals; their single-day reward costs 950 points with blackout dates applied; an incentive that Hertz encourages is its points rewards program, which allows young drivers to redeem for rental cars as a free rental car (blackout dates may apply).

Hertz’s policies are generally similar to those of its competitors, with a few notable distinctions that set it apart. For instance, its counter policy differs in that customers cannot sign for vehicles without a counter attendant; additionally, Hertz does not include free GPS devices in every rental, which may pose issues for travelers relying heavily on this technology during their trip. As with all contracts from Hertz and its competitors, always carefully read any agreements to identify hidden fees.


Carla is an online travel agency that partners with major car rental agencies. Some of its regular deals waive the under-25 fee, while others do not. Carla also offers special discounts for USAA members – active-duty military officers and enlisted personnel, retirees, and their immediate families can save up to $25 daily using credit cards to pay Hertz, Budget, or Enterprise rentals without incurring an under-25 surcharge.

An alternative way of avoiding under-25 fees is renting a vehicle for one month instead of three, as this will save on insurance and administration costs, as well as having to top off the tank each time you return home. Be sure to research fuel costs at your destination; if they’re higher than anticipated, look for deals with unlimited mileage and full-to-full fuel policy deals.

Carla is a car rental app that compares over 900 rental car providers, such as Hertz, Avis, Budget Car Rental Dollar Thrifty Sixt, and local rent-a-car companies. Carla features an easy booking process without hidden fees or 24/7 customer service; more than 2.5 million rental cars were booked on Carla in 2015 alone, and it has been featured by USA TODAY, Techcrunch, and Boston Globe as an indispensable tool.


In conclusion, discovering the cheapest car rental company for those under 25 involves a careful balance of cost, policies, and available discounts. 

By exploring our comprehensive guide, young drivers can navigate the rental landscape with confidence, unlocking budget-friendly options for their journeys.


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