The Cheapest Way to Rent a Car For a Month

Are You Planning on Renting a Car for a Month? – Find Out Your Options Here

Seasonal workers and vacationers can benefit from renting an affordable monthly car from Enterprise. Their Car Subscription service simplifies life by consolidating all costs into one monthly payment plan.

Look for a long-term rental.

Be it an extended vacation or car repair, long-term car rentals may provide an economical solution. Unfortunately, rental prices increase when renting for more than just two weeks at once.

One way to reduce extra expenses is to rent from a major company, like Sixt or Thrifty, that offers discounts for extended stays. Such deals could be fixed dollar figures like “Customer Facility Charges” or as percentages of your total rental costs.

Renting from a major rental company for over a month is typically more economical than using car subscription services like Subscribe with Enterprise or Turo’s peer-to-peer marketplace. 

However, you should still compare rates across companies and rental locations. NerdWallet analysis found that booking your reservation three months ahead can save up to $75 compared to making reservations just one week earlier.

Look for a low-mileage rate

While rental car companies may try to convince you of the merits of extras like Garmin GPS navigation devices, it may often be cheaper and easier to opt for unlimited mileage. Any extra miles covered won’t incur excess mileage fees when going beyond limits.

Check prices directly on the rental car company’s website, as they often offer exclusive discounts that cannot be found through aggregator sites. Apps such as Autoslash allow users to keep an eye on rental prices; should a deal come up, you can cancel without incurring cancellation fees!

Be sure to inquire with both your own insurance and credit card company as to whether they offer rental car coverage. Major car rental agencies usually offer protection plans that cover rentals lasting 30 days or longer at significantly less expense than their plan.

Look for a discounted rate.

Most major rental car companies offer loyalty programs that can save you money. However, suppose you aren’t part of one. In that case, doing a quick search on aggregator sites such as Kayak, Hopper, or Priceline, which often offer lower prices than their agency counterparts during pandemics, might be worthwhile.

An aggregator is also an ideal way of quickly viewing prices from smaller rental companies and peer-to-peer car-sharing services like Turo. Prices fluctuate over time, so it is wise to double-check if your reservation dates are flexible if using AutoSlash, which tracks prices and will notify you by email whenever the cost of your reservation drops. 

Furthermore, some credit cards offer discounts, such as the American Express Platinum Card, which grants members status privileges at Avis and Hertz that could save money when renting cars.

Look for a subscription rate.

If you want a car for over a month, renting from Enterprise’s Subscribe with Enterprise program could be ideal. By paying a monthly fee and selecting your vehicle type and model as desired, Subscribe with Enterprise gives you a perfect way to rent one without commitment or cancellation issues.

Sixt offers similar services through its Sixt+ subscription, providing vehicles at 39 locations in major cities at rates starting at $649 per month for midsize sedans.

Save on rental cars by comparing rates across dates. You might be amazed to discover that rates may be cheaper during certain seasons or around holidays – such as summer. Also, make sure you book a car with free cancellation, giving yourself flexibility should another offer come up later.

Look for a weekly rate

Finding an attractive car rental deal requires research. Finding one at an attractive weekly rate will likely provide the best value.

Begin your search using an aggregator site like Kayak or Orbitz, but make sure you also visit the rental car company’s website directly for the best rates – this may reveal discounts or special offers unavailable elsewhere.

Autoslash offers another helpful option by automatically monitoring and comparing prices across your rental dates, saving both time and hassle for flexible renters.

Some rental car companies, like Sixt, provide subscription services that allow users to rent cars at low monthly rates over an extended period. This option can be particularly convenient for frequent travelers who do not wish to rebook vehicles on each trip.

Look for a discounted rate.

Look for discounts if you’re searching for an inexpensive way to rent a car for a month. Aggregator sites like Kayak and Travelocity provide a general idea of your options, but before making your final selections, always compare those prices with what can be found directly through the rental company’s site, as this can save both money and earn loyalty points instantly through them rather than third party programs.

Booking with an agency offering discounted rates to members of certain groups or organizations could also save money; for instance, AARP and AAA membership is often sufficient for lower car rental prices; other discounts could apply if they’re members of professional associations, alum groups, or volunteer organizations.

Home improvement stores may offer rentals at reduced rates compared to traditional rental agencies, typically offering fixed daily rates instead of conventional companies’ more dynamic pricing models.


In conclusion, finding the cheapest way to rent a car for a month involves a strategic blend of research, timing, and leveraging discounts. 

By exploring our comprehensive guide, savvy travelers can unlock cost-effective options for extended car rentals, ensuring both convenience and budget-friendliness for their month-long journeys.


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