Do Rental Cars Have EZ TAG?

Do Rental Cars Have EZ TAG?

Rent-a-car companies typically charge drivers without transponders full cash toll rates on all toll roads as well as a daily convenience fee, which can quickly add up when traversing multiple toll roads.

Cashless toll roads utilize cameras that take pictures of license plates without passes or transponders and then bill their companies accordingly for toll fees. A personal toll pass is the best way to avoid incurring extra fees on rental car tolls.

EZ Pass

Car rental companies can be an ordeal to deal with. From unfulfillable prepaid gas plans and unconvincing insurance policies, to post-rental charges for imaginary scratches, these rental firms can take great pleasure in nickel and diming road travelers in ways they see fit – such as using toll road passing devices as one egregious tactic.

Utilizing the rental company’s toll pass for your rental can quickly become costly, especially if you incur a violation due to insufficient funds or transponder error. Your rental company will then determine who rented the vehicle at the time of offense and send you a bill with any applicable administrative fees attached. Alternatively, paying cash at toll booths or opting out altogether using mapping systems such as Google Maps can help reduce expenses but may take longer when traveling through toll roads; although this might increase driving time considerably it could save on potential violations as it avoidance costs could prevent hassle when faced with potential violations from renting an expensive pass!

Bring your own E-ZPass transponder with you when renting from any rental company to save yourself the expense of their costly passes. Just add the license plate number, start and end dates of your rental to your existing account online or via phone; alternatively use the EZ TAG Express app that enables pre-funding. Also consider the Uni Toll Pass which works across 19 states on the East Coast for added savings.


EZ TAG is a passive RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) transponder attached to your windshield of a rental car. When passing through an electronic toll plaza, its unique number will transmit to the tolling system and deduct appropriate funds from your account and issue you with an receipt as evidence.

As the EZ Pass works on a pre-paid basis, make sure that you deposit enough prepaid money into your account before hitting the road. When your rental period ends, mount and remove the EZ TAG so as not to charge future renters for using its toll tag.

Cashless payment systems like E-ZPass have made highway driving less cumbersome by speeding up toll booth lines, yet there can still be potential pitfalls – one NerdWallet reader’s husband found out this lesson the hard way when he attempted to use his E-ZPass in Pennsylvania rental car and was charged an extra fee.

New Jersey and New York make adding your rental car temporarily to an E-ZPass account easier, allowing you to set the start and end dates directly online; but in Pennsylvania you must call their customer service center for this process to be complete.


The University employs Enterprise rental car services for business trips. Vehicle costs, tax and fuel are paid through the CWU Travel Card while any additional fees are reimbursed by Enterprise. Collision Damage Waiver coverage is reimbursed when renting from University-contracted suppliers; Hartford Insurance Company provides liability coverage. Travelers renting non-contracted suppliers are responsible for purchasing CDW coverage independently.

Uni can be used on 19 eligible toll roads across the East Coast, operating similarly to E-ZPass but without needing an account. You can use Uni in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina South Carolina Virginia Tennessee Kentucky Indiana Illinois and Ohio. Texas may allow higher cash rates.

Enterprise offers an assortment of vehicles for rent. Choose from minis, economy models, compacts, full-size cars and seven-passenger vans; luxury/sport vehicles (SUVs and convertibles); SUVs or convertibles. Uni Rent Car Rental in Croatia provides another great way to explore this stunning country on time; pick up your rental at one of many convenient locations such as Zagreb Franjo Tudman Airport to experience all that Croatia has to offer!

Bring Your Own Transponder

At times, using your own transponder can be the easiest and cheapest way to avoid paying for one. While using it may seem straightforward, there are some key considerations you need to keep in mind before proceeding. First and foremost is making sure the rental car’s transponder has not been activated – this may mean flipping a switch or closing its housing box.

Next, ensure your transponder account is registered with the rental car’s license plate number. This will prevent rental companies from charging additional fees and keep you informed on its usage.

ExpressToll provides the simplest solution. This website enables car renters and register them quickly while providing them with a $35 prepaid toll balance – plus, they allow you to add transponders of their own and set start/end dates!

You could save considerable money using your personal transponder in a rental car, just make sure that it’s turned off before returning it and that its license plate number has been registered on one of your accounts – otherwise fines could apply if any tolls go unpaid!


In summary, the inclusion of EZ TAGs in rental cars varies by company and location. Understanding whether your rental car is equipped with an EZ TAG can save you time, money, and potential hassles during your journey. Stay informed and make the most of your toll experiences with our insightful guide.


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