Why is Fox Rental Car So Cheap?

Why is Fox Rental Car So Cheap?

Fox Rent A Car is an industry-leading discount car rental brand catering to budget travelers. Their wide range of vehicles and excellent customer service make them popular with travelers on a tight budget, while they provide free loyalty programs with discounted rates for members.

Although overall ratings for the company are positive, certain locations have received poor reviews due to billing issues or unexpected charges.

It offers economy and luxury vehicles

Fox Rent-A-Car has just the vehicle for your everyday driving or romantic weekend escape, from economy cars to luxurious convertibles and everything in between! Their convenient pick-up and drop-off procedures, diverse car selection, discounts and loyalty programs – not to mention fantastic customer reviews

This makes renting from them hassle free and stress free. Their locations also feature HOV lanes – designed specifically to encourage ridesharing between multiple occupants – providing even greater value!

Fox Rental Car has over 21 corporate offices located throughout the US, making them easy to find near any destination or date you require a vehicle for. Plus, their website boasts some of the lowest prices in the industry! Simply select your destination/date combination, browse offers to find an ideal package.

Fox Transportation will make traveling with children much simpler. Their fleet is filled with top-rated family vehicles such as minivans and SUVs; and for something special check out their luxurious vehicles which provide plenty of room for passengers and luggage.

Make sure not to depend solely on online reviews – these can vary depending on your location and could even reflect complaints such as billing issues, unresolved disputes and unexpected charges. Fox is making efforts to rectify this by responding to complaints and training their staff to resolve issues effectively.

It offers a variety of vehicles

Fox Rent A Car has the perfect vehicle for every need – be it business travel or vacationing. Their fleet boasts economy cars and luxury models alike, with rates among the lowest in the industry – just be wary of hidden fees that may increase your rental bill!

Fox Rent A Car offers affordable pricing as well as eco-friendly hybrid and electric cars that can save on fuel. To rent from this company, however, you must be aged at least 21; Carla allows customers under 21 years old to bypass this age requirement by selecting an “Underage Fee Waived” banner car.

Fox also stands out for its convenient locations: they have offices in 13 states and 25 airports; however, New York City remains absent and they don’t offer as many rental counters as some other companies do.

Fox Rent A Car offers travelers a comprehensive selection of SUVs for rent. Model selection varies based on location; typical examples of Kia Sportage or Toyota RAV4 will likely be among them. In addition to offering an excellent selection of cars, Fox Rent A Car also provides extras such as GPS for approximately $9.99 plus surcharges and local tax. Child car seats or boosters may be added for $7 per day rental.

It offers good insurance coverage

Fox Rent A Car provides travelers with a comprehensive selection of cars for every travel need, from minivans and luxury convertibles to economy vehicles and minibuses. Choose from 15 categories of cars to find one that meets your specific requirements; in addition, Fox also provides collision damage waiver (CDW), personal accident coverage and theft protection to cover its vehicles and their customers.

Fox rental car pricing varies based on car category and location. A minimum deposit is required of $150; some special/premium models require deposits between $500-$1000. It is advised to purchase a full protection package to save yourself the deposit fee while providing added material protection during your travels.

Customers looking to streamline the booking process can use Fox Choice, which allows them to choose a class of vehicle before arriving and reduces wait time at the counter. Fox also offers extras such as GPS units at roughly $9.99/day plus surcharges/local taxes; child/booster seats cost approximately $7/day.

The company maintains over 21 corporate locations in the US and affiliate relationships with independently-owned locations internationally. Unfortunately, its presence at major airports is limited: 13 states only versus over 50 airport locations for many competitors.

It offers good customer service

Fox Rent A Car is a global leisure car rental brand with 21 corporate locations around the world and features both small economy cars and SUVs in its fleet of vehicles. Active in some of the world’s biggest rental markets such as Orlando, Las Vegas, Miami as well as having affiliate relationships in Canada, Mexico Australia South America & Caribbean regions.

FOX Express stands out with excellent customer service that offers quick responses. Their website features various tools designed to assist customers, including live chat for instantaneous questions to a specialist and instant answers from them. Furthermore, their FOXpress app is user friendly and allows customers to manage the rental experience from start to finish.

Though Budget may not have as many car rental locations as some of its competitors, they remain an influential player in the industry. Boasting excellent price-sensitive travelers as well as fast and friendly service. Ratings differ by location; some even receiving negative feedback.

The company offers an exceptional rewards program for members that provides points toward future rentals or SuperCertificates redeemable at hundreds of vendors such as restaurants, hotels, retailers and movie theaters. They also feature an easy website search feature to quickly locate vehicles they desire.


In conclusion, Fox Rental Car’s affordability stems from a combination of strategic business practices and customer-focused approaches. While offering budget-friendly options, they prioritize service quality. 

Understanding the reasons behind Fox Rental Car’s cost-effectiveness sheds light on how you can make the most of your travel budget without compromising on reliability.


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